Welcome to the website of the Hoe Valley Neighbourhood Forum

The original heartlands of Woking containing the historic villages of Old Woking, Kingfield & Westfield.

Forum area

Our Forum area covers the whole of the Hoe Valley ward covering Westfield, Kingfield and Old Woking.

Our area encompasses a number of open spaces and recreation spaces including Westfield Common, River Wey environs, Hoe Stream, Loop Road, and others.

Take Part in our surveys

The Hoe Valley Neighbourhood Forum is running residential and business surveys to help us develop our plan. To take part follow the link below.

The Forum

Formed in 2018 the forum represents the interests of residents in Old Woking, Kingfield & Westfield.

Our Area

The forum covers the following areas:

Old Woking

Old Woking is the original village settlement predating the modern town by 1000 years and containing a number of historic buildings predating 1700.


Kingfield is a village community in south Woking predating the Norman conquest recorded as one of the ancient tithings of the Manor of Woking Rectory.


Westfield is a semi-rural settlement in south Woking – one of three ‘open fields’ of the ancient town of Old Woking first recorded in 1548.